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A few words


To, too or two? Your or you're? They're, their or there? Or how about complement or compliment? Which is right, rite, write or wright?

Words don't come easily to everyone. But they are vital in getting your message across.

What do your words say about you and your business? Does what you write reflect your professionalism and enhance your reputation? Is your message crystal clear and appropriate? Is it readable and effective? Does it say what you mean? Is it free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors?

Good communication looks easy and effortless but it isn't. Get it wrong and your readers may not give you the chance to show them what you can do. Get it right and they probably won't notice but you'll have made a good impression.

It's not about using big words and long sentences. It is easier to write a lot of gobbledygook than a few words which are pacy, punchy and pertinent. It is definitely a case of less is more, especially online and in social media, where you don't have much time to grab someone's attention.

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